Our philosophy

Our society is becoming more and more conscious, and we increasingly think about the environmental issue of our existence. However, living in large and dynamic cities, we enjoy all the benefits of scientific progress and are not prepared to give up all the benefits of technology and to resort to the asceticism of eco-settlements.

MOL'FAR Tea will become your guide to environmental life in a modern megapolis.

The philosophy of the MOL'FAR brand is minimalism.
Minimalism is not just a modern trend, it's really a whole philosophy.
Minimalism teaches us to "be yourself," not to "create an impression on ourselves." Minimalism focuses on the main, and refuses to be redundant. In our minimalist concept in focus is a quality product and nothing superfluous.
100% organic composition of products, responsible and ethical attitude to the environment form the MOL'FAR tea world.

The compliance of MOL'FAR tea with European Organic standards is subject to the marking of "Euro-leaf". To obtain permission for such marking, production is thoroughly inspected, and raw materials and finished products are explored.

Our values

Organic tea MOL'FAR follows the tradition of moloffism - understanding and explicit relationship with nature for the sake of good mankind, minimalism and rejection of redundancy for the long term conservation of the environment.
Our mission is to convey and adapt these ancient knowledge in the modern world.


    in the first place before yourself and the environment


    to the experience and accumulated wisdom


    peace and people, new ideas


    spirit, will and beauty

  • LOVE

    in all its manifestations


    body and mind

Healing properties

Cypriot is one of the first to be settled in forest fellings or fires. Under its canopy a shade is created, moisture accumulates, and other plants begin to grow there. Cypriot essentially cures natural wounds, restoring life where it has stopped ...

Just imagine what this amazing fragile plant has, and what benefits it can bring to the human body!

Bohemia does have a fairly wide range of healing properties, so it will continue to be a classic long-term with a bunch of obscure words. If you are afraid to escape - just believe: this tea will cure all the diseases that can be found in your body, and all that does not find - to warn.

  • Overactive action
    (helps the gastrointestinal tract)

  • Normalizer of sleep

  • Bactericidal

  • Helps restore
    blood pressure

  • Increases hemoglobin

  • Early healing
    (auxiliary regeneration)

  • Light painkiller

  • Improves male health
    (contains beta-sitosterol)

  • Diuretic

  • Good soothing

  • Antitumor (preventive
    action of canerol)

  • Immunostimulant
    (vitamin C in large quantities, vitamins
    of group B)

  • Increases hemoglobin

  • Antihypoxant and
    (a guarantee of women's beauty)

The product line

The basis of all MOL'FAR organic tea recipes is a healing boar, collected by our employees in an ecologically clean region of the Ukrainian Carpathians.
All our employees are in love, because MOL'FAR organic tea is charged with love and positive!